You have probably already faced the difficulty of the search for potential talents or skilled workers. The lack of access to professionals and skilled workers has always been one of the main concerns for leading companies in increasing head-to-head business rivalry, especially in Germany. Do you need a solution to address the challenge of finding and hiring qualified professionals?
Delegate us this responsibility!
If you are looking for IT specialists, engineers, and nurses, ARIKA will find the perfect employees for you. Rely on us and our experience in recruitment. You will hire your desired employee in your company shortly. Contact us and be one step forward from your competitors.


With our local partners’ assistance in countries of origin, we have access to a pool of qualified nurses, anesthesia nurses, midwives, operating room nurses, especially in Iran, who have proper knowledge of the German language. In Iran, training as a nursing specialist consists of a four-year dual study program followed by two years of practical work experience in a hospital. Therefore, the training takes six years and follows worldwide standards, and proven high quality.

Internationale Pflegekräfte in Deutschland

IT specialists and engineers

Close collaboration with our partners, especially in Iran, provides us with access to highly qualified engineers and IT specialists.
World Economic Forum ranked Iran as the third country with the most engineering graduates in the world. Most of them are willing to work with international companies abroad. Considering this demand, ARIKA has established a strong partnership with a reputable and well-known Iranian partner to select the best applicants legally qualified for hiring by German companies.