Comprehensive Insurance Advisory for Professionals & Students in Germany

Expert insurance guidance tailored for expatriates in Germany

At Arika, we offer tailored insurance solutions for the international community in Germany, ensuring essential coverage without extra costs. Our expertise simplifies the complex insurance landscape, aligning with your specific needs.

Our Approach to Insurance:

Unlike conventional insurance companies or agents who may recommend products that serve their financial interests, our consultancy stands apart by pledging allegiance to your needs. Our recommendations are predicated on a thorough analysis of your individual circumstances, delivering coverage that is both essential and valuable.

Our Approach to Insurance
Health Insurance Advisory

Health Insurance Advisory:

Embarking on a new phase of life in Germany, be it for education or professional endeavors, necessitates reliable health insurance coverage. We dissect the myriad of health insurance options to present you with policies that ensure comprehensive medical care without excessive premiums. Our expert advisors are well-versed in the health insurance mandates in Germany, ensuring that the plans we suggest are not only compliant but optimized for your health and financial well-being.

Liability Insurance Insights:

In the intricate web of societal interactions, liability insurance emerges as a non-negotiable shield against potential claims. Our experts delineate the benefits of personal liability insurance, steering you towards policies that offer robust protection against claims arising from accidental damages—whether as a tenant, a professional, or in daily life.

Liability Insurance Insights
Legal Protection Insurance Solutions

Legal Protection Insurance Solutions:

Navigating legal complexities in a foreign country can be daunting. Our legal protection insurance recommendations are designed to offer you peace of mind, covering legal costs for a multitude of scenarios, from employment disputes to immigration challenges. We equip you with the tools to stand firm in the face of legal adversities.

Tailored Insurance Packages:

For the self-employed and employers, we construct tailored insurance packages that encapsulate the essences of business continuity and employee welfare. From professional indemnity to business interruption insurance, we ensure your entrepreneurial journey is safeguarded against unforeseen vicissitudes.

Why Choose Us?

Client-Centric Philosophy

Your best interest is our paramount concern. We curate insurance solutions that resonate with your specific life situation.


Transcultural Expertise

With our bicultural foundation, we bridge the gap between unfamiliarity and understanding in insurance matters.


Transparent Guidance:

We eschew obfuscation in favor of clarity, ensuring you comprehend every facet of your insurance coverage.