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Germany, as the European technology hub and the fourth-largest economy globally, with one of the fewest unemployment rates amongst European countries, has always been noteworthy for job seekers. The unique scientific and industrial environment, and the supportive labor laws, besides the advantages of the working and living offered to the specialists and graduates, have made Germany attractive to EU and non-EU professionals. Accordingly, we have developed a coherent program to match qualified job seekers with reputable German employers efficiently.

Who We Are

ARIKA GmbH was founded in 2012 in Nürnberg, Germany, to provide career counseling and job placement services for applicants from abroad, especially from Iran, who are willing to live and work in Germany. We mainly concentrate on healthcare staffing, especially medical doctors, nurses, IT specialists, and engineers. Studies and experiences indicate that non-german employees face different challenges during living and working in Germany, resulting from a lack of familiarity with the language, culture, and lifestyle in Germany. Accordingly, ARIKA provides its clients with consultancy services and workshops by which they learn how to address these challenges.


What We Do?

For Employers

You have probably already faced the difficulty of the search for potential talents or skilled workers. The lack of access to professionals and skilled workers has always been one of the main concerns for leading companies in increasing head-to-head business rivalry, especially in Germany.

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For Jobseekers

Have you still looking for your dream job? Our experience points out: the road to your desired career could be rugged! Accordingly, we equipped ourselves to accompany you in realizing the dream of a job with a bright future.
If you are an IT specialist, engineer, or nurse, ARIKA helps you find a job tailored to your capabilities and needs. To keep this promise, we provide you with career counseling and job placement services besides advice on living and working in Germany.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

  Abraham Lincoln

Employers Should Know

Our experience shows that one of the main challenges of German companies and healthcare centers in hiring employees from abroad is the lack of information about related legal procedures, professional recognition, and relevant labor laws. We will give you advice based on updated information through which you can make proper decisions.

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